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SLOMO (System LOad MOdule) plugin

If you're using Joomla, you might already know the original loadmodule plugin. Based on the original, the SLOMO plugin is the logial next step.

The original loadmodule plugin has some restrictions like being a content plugin and only allowing modules to be loaded by position or type. The SLOMO plugin has 2 major improvements:

  • it is a system plugin (ie the tag can be anywhere, even in your template file)
  • you can also load modules by their IDs


  • {slomoposition position[,style]} loads all modules that are assigend to 'position' with the optional style 'style'. See the manual for a description what 'style' can be
  • {slomomodule moduletype[,title][,style]} loads a module of type 'moduletype' with the optional title 'title' and the optional style 'style'.
  • {slomoid moduleid[,style]} loads the module with the ID 'moduleid' (numeric value) and the optional style 'style'.

If you have questions, please read the manual or take a look at our forum.

This plugin is completely free, we hope you like it, enjoy!

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