General information about our responsive templates

Our complete responsive templates for Joomla 2.5.x are easy to use, offer professional features, optimized frontend output, and a beautiful appearance.

What our templates include:

Bootstrap framework (for professional use) with the following features:

  • button groups
  • button dropdowns
  • Navigational tabs, pills, and lists
  • Navbar
  • label
  • Badges
  • Page headers and hero unit
  • Thumbnails
  • alerts
  • Progress bars
  • Modals
  • drop-downs
  • Tooltips
  • Popovers
  • Accordion
  • Carousel
  • TypeAhead

Our responsive templates are furthermore based on:

  • jQuery
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Clean source code structures in HTML and CSS
  • easy and fast loading structure in responsive design (take a look at the demo).

Our responsive templates are compatible with:

  • Firefox 4 +,
  • IE9 +,
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • mobile browsers

Our responsive templates offer:

  • CSS3 animations
  • Cool typography and bootstrap animations
  • Google fonts
  • numerous module positions
  • Content-less design possible (content area can be hidden for defined items)
  • adjust the colors, font and font size for H1 - H6 + main menu + text in the backend
  • Adjustable link color in the backend
  • include your Favorite Icon and Apple / Android touch icons in the Template Manager.
  • Adjustable background image (if the template supports a BG-image)
  • Adjustable logo or slogan if no logo required
  • Built-in ToTop Scroller
  • Integrated tracking of Google Analytics or Piwik.
  • The error page has been completely redesigned and also built in responsive design.
  • display Social buttons by font styles
  • 4 or 3-column layout (2 or 1 column layout also possible, see demo (if supported))
  • overrides for the Joomla core functions.

Features of our templates (from the Foundation framework):

  • responsive optimized video output.
  • Easy and fast setup of blog grids.

Our responsive templates also offer:

  • Support for eXtroForms
  • Support for eXtro responsive Gallery
  • Support for eXtro responsive Accordion
  • Support for eXtro responsive TabSlider
  • Support for eXtro FastSlider
  • Support for eXtro Parallax Slider
To whom are our responsive templates

Our responsive templates for Joomla 2.5.x are made for professional use. It was considered important to extensibility, by the use of the bootstrap framework many effects can be created natively, upgradeability remains fully intact. However, the templates are easy to use, they can quickly be expanded by responsive eXtensions. Likewise, the appearance of the templates can be changed quickly through the many options in the backend. Numerous fonts can be changed simply by selecting from a drop-down list. If your favorite font is not included, you can override the font used. Just enter your favorite font name from the Google Font Directory in the backend.

By combining bootstrap and Foundation (overrides) you get the best of two different frameworks, so you are much more flexible in the design of your site. The easy-to-use back-end options that are explained in detail by a tooltip each, make creating a website using our templates a entertaining experience. With the implementation of Google fonts, you can select from a total of approximately 1000 different font families. This variety in fonts and configuration options allows you to quickly create a website with unique design.

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