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Our Domainchecker allows your sites visitors to check domains from different TLDs for availability. In the backend, you can define which TLDs can be checked by creating different profiles which can be selected in the frontend. A visitor chooses a profiles, enters a domain name, the result is the complete list from the profiles TLDs with the availability information.

By default, profiles are created for the different RIRs, but you can change them to suit your needs. Just enter the TLDs which should be checked into the profile, this also defines the order.

You can also define a link to a overview of domains you sell, this link will be displayed below the result list.

The module is being styled by CSS so you can change the design anytime with a minimum of time to your template.

All our commercial extensions for Joomla, include support by eXtro-media for 60 days and can be downloaded for just as long. Afterwards you can still receive support by the community in the forum. All extensions remain fully functional even when the support period has expired.

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