Responsive FastSlider

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The eXtro Fastslider is jQuery based, fully responsive and creates optimally adjusted pictures for your slideshow from the original pictures. So you don't have to care if you pictures are all the same resolution, you can even mix horizontal or vertical format images, the eXtro Fastslider always creates optimal images.

In the backend, just select the folder that stores your pictures, the picture ratio for slideshow, fade effects, and the module does the rest.

You can also define if you e.g. want to display the navigation elements for the slideshow. The frontend view is styleable by CSS, 3 different designs are already contained in the CSS file and can be activated anytime.

All our commercial extensions for Joomla, include support by eXtro-media for 60 days and can be downloaded for just as long. Afterwards you can still receive support by the community in the forum. All extensions remain fully functional even when the support period has expired.

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